Clean Hands Zone


Clean Hands Zone

Vivid, bright and eye catching! - GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS.

Most of us are aware of the hazard caused by people who do not wash or clean their hands. Spread of bacterial and viral infections, food poisoning, swine flu and winter sickness bug to name a few. Cleaning hands can help prevent all of these.

Our signs are not nice pastel shades that merge into the background. They are designed to be hard and bright, using natures own warning colours and patterns to make people see them.

They are laminated on both sides’ for hygiene reasons and they are compact enough and cheap enough to put them on all toilet doors, in front of urinals, on wash room doors, in corridors, entrances to wards, by hand cleaning points, dining rooms, reception etc.

Perfect for hospitals, doctors and dental surgeries, schools, colleges, training centres, supermarkets, in fact anywhere there are hand cleaning facilities.

145x145 mm. Laminated both sides for hygiene and longevity.

Cheaper than printing your own at 50p each.

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