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Training and Consultancy for Universities and Colleges

Single training sessions, usually up to two hours, are often used by Universities and Colleges to provide specific equalities input to students who are going into the education sector or into public care employment. These are vital in meeting the professional standards Q18, 19 and 20.

We have a range of generic packages available (please see list)

Half day sessions (three hours) include training and a follow up session in order†to reinforce students' understanding. These†are often used in professional studies.

Some course input may require up to a day. The Equality and Diversity Shop is more than willing to provide this input. A comprehensive range of high quality resources and materials will be provided for all students attending the sessions. One full day is approximately six hours with start and finish times to suit the organization.

The three day Audit and Feedback package is where a university or college wants TEDS to audit equality and diversity provision and feedback to staff. The days can be arranged to suit the organization.

The five day package includes the audit and feedback, as in the three day package, but includes two days of staff training to individuals or teams.
The time between these days is at the discretion of the organization and can be spread over a number of terms if that is what is required.

We can also provide bespoke training packages using local data and existing support structures. Please contact us for individual pricing.