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New Posters

Due to requests we are pleased to announce five new poster designs.

Two are anti bullying posters. One is 'Stop Bullies, Go Buddies' which is a highly visual straight forward sign with a clear message. The other is asking questions about bullies, 'Are Bullies' with a clear message that we do not want or accept bullies here. Both posters support our 'We do not accept bullying here'.

Two are about equality issues. The first is about challenging gender stereotypes and promotes the message of equlity of opportunity, dignity, repect and pay. The second covers the whole range of equality issues that are backed by a legal framework ensuring employers, supervisors and fellow worker/students are all aware of the issues.

The final poster is promoting the fact that we are all resonsible for choosing our future path, even though we cannot change the past. A simple but powerful message.

All of these posters are unique to The Equality & Diversity Shop.