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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to know about equality & diversity?

Most people are familiar with the terms "equality" and "diversity" but what do they really mean for organizations? Public Bodies including schools, colleges and universities have legal and statutory duties placed on them. Most of us are aware of the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000 and Ofsted/JAR inspection requirements. Most of us are also aware of equality to do with gender and disability.

But are we really aware of the requirements covering age, disability, gender, religion and belief, racism and sexual orientation? Do we know who these apply to? Many people think that they are simply politically correct buzzwords; more legal jargon to comply with which generates more work.

Are we aware of the difference between equality and diversity? Can you have one without the other? Is everyone equal? What does all this mean?

The aim of The Equality and Diversity Shop is to help you discover the answers to these questions. We want to empower you to not only understand what is required but how you can benefit from embracing diversity and how it can lead to equality. We want to help you positively promote equality and diversity. As we say, "Don't just talk it show it!"

How can this benefit our organization?

A commitment to the principle of equality and diversity has real advantages for both the organization its staff and clients. A culture that promotes equality and diversity leads to a better working environment, more motivated employees and a greater commitment from all stakeholders. This is becoming a major issue for modern multi-national companies and sends out very real messages across the world.

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